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How to Cut Down on Screen Time and Save Your Neck

How to Cut Down on Screen Time and Save Your Neck

How can you reduce neck and shoulder pain? One way is to cut your screen time. Yes, it’s tough to ignore the siren call of the screen, but doing so will improve your mental and physical health.  

Tech neck” is a real thing. Hours spent at the computer, and another 5 ½ hours a day spent on phones, can wreak havoc on our posture, leading to neck pain. 

Dr. Bonaventure Ngu is an orthopedic spine surgeon at Premiere Spine Institute. Dr. Ngu helps people find neck pain relief by identifying the source of the pain and creating an effective treatment plan.

Check your posture 

The spinal column runs from the base of your skull to your pelvis. It’s an intricate structure that supports your head and allows your neck to move in multiple directions.

Standing and sitting tall — no slouching — isn’t just a confidence boost. It also helps reduce neck pain. That’s because your body’s balanced when your head sits atop your spinal column. But when you spend hours bending over a device, the weight of your head stresses your neck and upper back muscles, which can’t support it. The result is pain and stiffness. 

Hold your phone at eye level when texting or reading, and create an ergonomically friendly workspace for computer work. 

Stretch breaks 

If possible, take stretch breaks every 10-15 minutes. Rotate your shoulders in one direction, and then reverse the rotation. Stretch your arms wide, and move them in the widest circle possible, in one direction and then the other.

A good shoulder opener is to interlace your fingers behind you and straighten your arms if you can. 

The more stretches you can fit into your day, the better it will be for your body. Your goal is to maintain mobility and prevent repetitive stress injuries. 

Have regular screen-free activities 

When we’re glued to our screens, we pay less attention to those around us, reducing the chances for real connections with other people. Whether having lunch with a friend, playing with your dog, or taking a Zumba class, reducing screen time is healthy. It’s good for our mental health as well as our bodies. 

It takes dedication to break away from the screen habit. You might find it helpful to set a timer for scrolling on your phone or designate screen-free zones. For example, if you make your bedroom a smartphone-free zone and create a screen-free bedtime routine, you may sleep better. 

By cutting down your screen time, you may develop stronger relationships with the people in your life, and you’ll reduce neck pain too. 

You don’t need to suffer from neck pain, Dr. Ngu at the Premier Spine Institute in The Woodlands, Humble, and Baytown, Texas, can help. Schedule your appointment online with us today.

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