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7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy for Joint Pain

7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy for Joint Pain

When thinking about your painful, aching joints, exercise may be the last remedy on your mind. After all, how can moving your already-painful joints reduce pain? 

To answer your questions and provide a conservative approach to joint pain, we asked Dr. Bonaventure Ngu — our expert at Premier Spine Institute with offices in The Woodlands, Humble, and Baytown — to share 7 key benefits of physical therapy. 

1. Shorten recovery period for acute injuries 

If an acute injury is the cause of your joint pain, tailored exercises, massages, hot and cold therapy, and other treatments provided by a physical therapist can reduce your recovery time. 

2. Increase muscle mass 

Along with a diet containing plenty of protein, any type of movement will increase your muscle mass. 

Muscles, tendons, and joints work together to maintain your posture and support your movements. When one part of the system is weakened, the others must overcompensate to sustain the movements. 

Stronger muscles take the load off your joints, reducing the risk of overuse and pain. 

3. Improve posture 

A poor posture can indirectly cause damage to your joints by putting too much pressure on your joints, leading to overuse and pain. A physical therapist analyzes your posture and provides you with strategies to improve it daily. 

4. Find a fitted assistive device 

Assistive devices, such as canes, crutches, and walkers, work best when they’re recommended by a physical therapist who knows your individual needs and can teach you how to use the devices with minimal discomfort for the best results. 

5. Break down scar tissue 

The formation of scar tissue is a normal part of healing. However, scar tissue can be problematic, as it’s rough and can cause stiffness in joints, making it harder to stay mobile. 

Physical therapy breaks down some of the scar tissue, enabling you to heal and become symptom-free faster. 

6. Get at the root cause of your painful joints

Often, joint pain is caused by a combination of weak muscles, poor posture, and too much sitting in front of a computer. During physical therapy, you’ll learn how to improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, and better organize your workspace. 

7. Lose weight 

Physical therapy isn’t a magic weight loss pill, but any type of movement burns calories and can aid weight loss, which takes the load off of joints and can improve pain levels

Can physical therapy help your painful joints

Not everyone is a good candidate for physical therapy, but if you’re looking for a natural way to reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and improve mobility, contact us to schedule an appointment. Upon consultation, Dr. Ngu will let you know what treatment modality works best for your painful joints. 

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