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Lesser-Known Symptoms that Accompany Back Pain

Lesser-Known Symptoms that Accompany Back Pain

If you’re one of the millions living with chronic pain, no one has to tell you how awful it is. Chronic pain of any kind can sideline you from daily life, and back pain is one of the most common chronic pain conditions. 

What’s interesting is you may have pain symptoms that stem from your back but not recognize them as relating to your back. We call these lesser-known symptoms of back pain.  

Most people think of back pain as stiffness, soreness, burning pain in one area, or a limited range of motion. Yet, you could suffer from other, less-obvious symptoms. 

Our expert team treats back pain at the Premier Spine Institute in The Woodlands and Humble, Texas and can help you through whatever you’re experiencing. You don’t have to live with chronic pain. 

4 less-common symptoms of back pain 

Thirty-three vertebrae make up the spine. Running from your neck to your tailbone, the spine helps your body bend, move, and stretch.

Yet, because your spine plays a crucial role in your overall health, it’s also at risk for injury or pain conditions. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke cites back pain as one of the most common reasons for missing work or missing out on life’s activities.

Let’s look at some less-common symptoms that could point to back pain.

1. Numbness or tingling 

If you feel numbness or a tingling sensation in your legs or feet, this could be a symptom of a spinal problem. Pinched nerves and herniated discs can lead to tingling legs or numb feet. 

When you see our medical professionals, please don’t fail to mention these sensations.

2. Weakness

Do you feel weaker than usual? Are you having trouble standing or walking? These are classic symptoms of a nerve problem in your back. 

Back pain can cause weakness in the legs or feet, making it difficult to stand or walk. This may be a sign of a nerve or muscle problem.

3. General fatigue 

If you always feel tired, despite getting enough rest, ask yourself what else could cause it. If you’re getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating nutritious foods, then fatigue can be a symptom of back pain. Why? Because your body is resting to compensate for the discomfort it feels.

4. Mental health 

If you’re feeling cranky or depressed because you’re in constant pain, it’s time to seek pain relief. Dr. Bonaventure Ngu offers many treatment options for back pain, from physical therapy to possible surgery. 

As you can see, these symptoms can be more subtle than a screaming pain in your lower back. One way you can start spotting patterns is by jotting down your symptoms, along with the date and context for what else is happening in your day. 

For example, if you feel tingling in your legs, is it connected with any specific activity or time of day? Such insights may help our medical professionals treat your symptoms.

If you’re experiencing any of these lesser-known symptoms of back pain, book a consultation today. The Premier Spine Institute is located in The Woodlands and Humble, Texas.

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